If this is your 1st time, or one of your 1st times considering attending a West Coast Swing dance convention, then THANK YOU for considering Capital Swing. We look forward to meeting you!

Here are some useful tips to have a great full weekend experience.

  • Make your hotel reservation – Capital Swing sells out our room block every year. (Like this year! We are sold out)
  • Pre-register for your weekend ticket, contest(s), and Intensive Workshops – this saves time at the registration desk so you can dance, learn and socialize more, YAY!
  • Decide whether you’d like to share your room with one or more dancers to save some cash – this becomes more important the more events you attend if you have a budget to stick to. If you don’t have any local people to share with, try posting on the Facebook Group to find other dancers who are looking to share
  • Make your travel arrangements!
    • If you are flying, we suggest you setup an Airfare Watchdog to get the best fare possible. Once you arrive at SMF – Sacramento International Airport, you’ll have to use Super Shuttle or another ride share service if you don’t know anyone in the area who can pick you up.
    • If you are driving, we suggest you carpool! It’s good for the environment.
  • Tell everyone that you are going to your 1st event! This is an exciting moment, for sure

Convention Preparation

  • Make sure you pack your dance shoes! Though we do have a fantastic shoe vendor and massage therapist on site, having a broken in pair of shoes will make your feet so much happier.
  • Depending on how sweaty you get while dancing (leading or following), please pack plenty of shirt changes for each day so people will want to dance with you.
  • Have a special outfit or two for each of your contests. Perhaps you can ask a friend or instructor to go shopping with you to help you pick something out.
  • DEODORANT that works for you. Much like a sweaty shirt, an unpleasant smell will send a potential partner in the other direction. Too much cologne/perfume will often do the same thing.
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste. Again, personal hygiene is key at dance events. Our hotel provides soap and shampoo free of charge if you don’t feel like packing it.
  • If you’re sharing a room, Pajamas are a great idea. Underwear are NOT Pajamas.
  • Reusable water bottle. You will need lots of hydrating because of all the DANCING you’ll be doing. LOTS of hydrating.
  • Chargers for your electronic devices.
  • Money for private lessons, food, off site excursions, the bar, etc. Capital Swing provides 2 buffet meals on Friday at midnight and Saturday at 5:00pm.
  • Hydrate a bit more than normal 1-2 weeks before the event. This will help with the dry Hotel air and airplane travel.

Travelling by Air or Car

  • AIR: Have your most updated flight information and check into your flight before you hit the airport if you can. BRING YOUR OFFICIAL ID, US drivers license or passport works.
  • CAR: Have the correct hotel information entered into your GPS and have cash ready if you need to pay any tolls.
  • AIR: Arrive at the airport with plenty of time to check any luggage and to get through the security line without having to run to your gate like the family in Home Alone.
  • CAR: Enjoy the conversation, audio book, or playlist as you drive safely to Capital Swing. Please switch drivers or pull to the side of the road if you get tired.
  • AIR: Have an empty water bottle ready to fill to stay hydrated as well as ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones in the case of small children who are being forced to sit still for hours at a time. Or help entertain them, whatever works for you.
  • CAR: Pull your car up by the lobby for check in and then park where it’s easiest to unload your luggage to your room.
  • AIR: If you have not pre-arranged your ride from the airport to the hotel, doing so as you wait for your luggage is a good time.
  • CAR: There is a $4/day reduced rate parking fee that will be charged to your hotel room.

At the Convention

  • Check into your hotel room, drop your stuff off, chat with roommates who have arrived already, and settle in.
  • PRE-REGISTERED FOLKS: Grab your dance shoes and head to the registration desk to check in and get your wristband, contestant number (if you entered any contests), and Intensive Workshop tickets.
    • Thursday night registration is downstairs of the Grand Ballroom by CA Salon 1 and 2.
    • Friday-Sunday registration is just outside the main entrance of the Grand Ballroom that is past the Twigs restaurant.
  • NON PRE-REGISTERED FOLKS: Grab your shoes, ID, credit card, and be prepared to wait in line a bit. The contest desk hours are listed online, they are not open all day. Remember, the at the door ticket price is $15-$30 more than the Early Bird price and the intensives go up $15/session too. Save yourself some cashola and time when you pre-register!!!
  • Grab a schedule and see what’s going on.
  • ALWAYS wear your wristband, it’s how you gain access to your free workshops, 2 buffet meals, social dancing, and contests! It’s also $170 to replace if you lose it.
  • Put your contestant # in a safe place along with the necessary 2-4 safety pins, it’s $10 to replace. You must wear this number during your contests (except followers during Strictly Swings).
    • Followers attach the top of the number to their shirt just above their booty or to the top of their pants.
    • Leaders attach the top of the number to their shirt about the middle of their shoulder blades.
    • Not sure how to put it on? Ask someone for help! It’s always an honor to pin someone’s contest number on for them.
  • If you are ever made to feel uncomfortable or unsafe, please speak to a Capital Swing staff member or volunteer. If it is a staff member or volunteer that is the problem, please contact Tami at cc.capitalswing@gmail.com.
  • Most importantly, HAVE A TON OF FUN, ask everyone to dance at least once, dance with everyone who asks you at least once, and make lots of new friends.
  • One more thing…. Stay hydrated, eat well 😉