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Steve ZenerRobert Royston ~ Beth Bellamy ~ Arjay Centeno ~ Jessie Mendoza ~ Martin Casillas ~ Mike Pyle ~ Raymond Byun


Steve Zener, MC
The long standing MC of Capital Swing, event director of FreZno Dance Classic, and all around great guy, Mr. Steve Zener will continue to lend his smooth voice to our Friday and Sunday contests.
Robert Royston, MC
Robert Royston  While Robert has been to many of our conventions since it’s inception 26 years ago, this is the 1st time he’ll be MC’ing for us! All day Saturday, in fact.
Beth Bellamy, Head DJ
Beth She was inducted into the DJ Hall of Fame, has been a co-event director for Boogie By The Bay for over 15 years, travels across the US to DJ for national swing dance events. All while holding a day job as a Software Engineer.
Arjay Centeno
 Arjay is not only a workshop instructor, but also a guest DJ at Capital Swing this year. Make sure you catch one of his sets for social dancing.
Jessie Mendoza
 A Butte County resident, DJ Divine has been spinning tunes for the NorCal WCS community for many years. Here at Capital Swing, she helps the workshop staff and might get in a set or two for you all on the floor.
Martin Casillas
Martin Sacramento’s DJ extraordinaire, Martin has been a WCS dancer & competitor since late 1990’s. For many years he has also taught locally at studios and at his weekly dance, SacSwings. Over 10 years ago he starting DJ’ing for many events on the west coast, and here at Capital Swing for the past 5 years.
Mike Pyle
Mike  Mike Pyle, a long time Bay area DJ, provides the sound system and some great contest skills for Capital Swing.
Raymond Byun
 Ray Byun is a new member of the Capital Swing DJ staff. He has been playing for the Bay area crowd for several years.