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Yvonne Antoacci ~ Andy Bouman ~ Carlito Rofoli ~ Dani Canziani ~ Debbie Carpenter ~ Deborah Szekely ~ Kelly Casanova ~ Kelly Lynn Ford ~ Malia San Nicolas ~ Mark Scheuffele ~ Melissa Rutz ~ Nick Jay ~ Parker Dearborn ~ Sharlot Bott ~ Sharole Lashe


Yvonne Antonacci, Chief Judge
When not involved with dance – she works full time as a realtor in Chicago. With over 20 years of experience as a judge, dance instructor, and event director — she brings a great deal of experience and expertise to the position of Chief Judge.
Andy Bouman
Andy is from the San Francisco Bay Area. He is a founder and past president of The Next Generation Swing Dance Club and has been the event co-director of Boogie by the Bay since 1999.
Carlito Rofoli
He’s spent more hours in a judges chair than many have spent dancing. With so many years of dancing as a beginner, he brings a unique and untainted perspective to our elite panel of judges because he’s seen it all – over and over again. You’ll find him social dancing in the ballroom late at night and all day too. Most recently inducted into the WSDC Hall of Fame.
Dani Canziani
Debbie Carpenter
Debbie became hooked on West Coast Swing from her first dance 15 years ago. Though not a teacher or a competitor, she has been enthralled with all levels of competitions since the beginning. She studied extensively under Skippy Blair and is certified under the National Dance Dynamics Certification Board. Since then, she has judged at conventions and local dance competitions throughout California. She is currently serving on the Board of Directors of the California Swing Dance Hall of Fame.
Deborah Szekely
Deborah was introduced to West Coast Swing in 1994 and was hooked immediately. She has 5 US Open titles, 8 Grand National, 4 NASDE, is a Dallas Dance Hall of Famer, and a California Swing Dance Hall of Famer. She was White Hatted in June of 2014 and in November 2015 was inducted into National Living Legends of Dance.
Kelly Casanova
Kelly Casanova is a 2-time US Open Champion, an inductee into both the California and National Swing Dance Hall of Fames, and has been actively judging/Chief Judging in the national swing scene for over 30 years.  She currently teaches in the SF Bay Area.
Kelly Lynn Ford
Kelly Lynn has been dancing WCS for 25 years. She has over 40 years o experience in partner dancing and competitions, including Latin, Country, and Swing. She has received numerous national awards during her competitive years as a WCS dancer, winning and planing in Champion Jack and Jills, being voted by her peers to dance in the prestigious Phoenix Champion of Champions Invitational, and as award winner in the Showcase and Sophisticated divisions at the US Open Swing Dance Championships. With many hours of GSDTA training, Kelly Lynn is passionate about timing, technique and quality partner connection in WCS.
Malia San Nicolas
Mark Scheuffele
Mark Scheuffele began dancing West Coast Swing in the mid 1980s. He became a constant social dancer and consistent competitor in Jack ‘n Jill’s, Strictly Swings, as well as the Classic and Showcase divisions at many events including the U.S. Open. Mark has twice been presented the prestigious U.S. Open Dancers Choice Award. In 2010 he was inducted in to the California Swing Dance Hall of Fame.
Melissa Rutz
Nick Jay
Parker Dearborn
Sharlot Bott
Sharlot maintains a long, successful career as a Performer, Champion Dancer, Certified GSDTA Master Instructor, and Judge within the West Coast Swing Community. Her notoriety and expertise as a master stylist has influenced many champion dancers, worldwide. Sharlot continues to mentor and muse within the West Coast Swing Dance Community.
Sharole Lashe
Sharloe is a certified judge and has been involved in every aspect of our dance community since 1996. In Canada, she was a founding Director of the B.C. Swing Dance Club. A past president and VP of The Next Generation Swing Dance Club. Served as a board member for Boogie by the Bay and the US Open Swing Dance Championships and is a US Open stockholder.