We can not thank our sponsors enough for their generosity. We all benefit from their donations! If you are wondering how you can become a Capital Swing Convention sponsor, please scroll down for more information.

Become a Friend of Capital Swing by donating $100-$499 to help us cover less glamorous costs, yet equally as important. You will be listed on our website and have our endless appreciation.

Contact Tami with any questions at cc.capitalswing@gmail.com
or contact Terry to submit your donation at csd.treasurer@capitalswingdancers.org

Sponsor Benefits How Your Donation Benefits Us All

  • Listed on the sponsor page and next to your contest on the website, mentioned on social media and the live stream through Thumbs Up Video when applicable
  • Help present awards in the division to which you donated
SILVER LEVEL, $500-$999

  • Youth Program
  • Novice Strictly Swing
  • Intermediate Strictly Swing
  • Advanced Strictly Swing
  • Sophisticated Strictly Swing (35+ age group)
  • Westie Blues Jack and Jill
  • Novice Jack and Jill
  • Intermediate Jack and Jill
  • Masters Jack and Jill (50+ age group)
  • Physical awards for competitions
GOLD LEVEL, in addition to the Silver benefits

  • You and your +1 are the first in line at the buffet meals
  • You receive 1 comped ticket for the weekend
GOLD LEVEL, $1,000-$2,999

  • Champion Strictly Swing
  • Junior routine division (17- age group)
  • Rising Star routine division
  • Advanced Jack and Jill
  • All Star Jack and Jill
  • Champion Jack and Jill
PLATINUM LEVEL, in addition to the Silver & Gold benefits

  • You receive 1 comped ticket for the weekend

  • Classic routine division
  • Showcase routine division



Thank You to our 2018 Sponsors!
Friend of Capital Swing Convention $100-$499 donated
Andy Bouman Sponsor a Student donor
Bart Upton Sponsor a Student donor
Dance Connection Shoes Newcomer Jack and Jill 1st place donation of a pair of Comfort shoes to each winner
Rising Star Tour 1st place donation of a pair of Comfort shoes to each winner.
Debbie Carpenter – “For the future of West Coast Swing!” Sponsor a Student donor
Deni Danzco – Laura Dani – “May you enjoy your experience and find that any kind of learning helps you grow in all aspects of Life!” Sponsor a Student donor
Gina Garoogian Sponsor a Student donor
Marc Endo Sponsor a Student donor
Maureen Henderson and Jerry Wolf Sponsor a Student donor
Patty Zielke Sponsor a Student donor
Roberta Roth and Alan Studebaker Sponsor a Student donor
Scott and Kristie Vian Sponsor a Student donor
Susan Douglas – “These young dancers are the future and I enjoy their energy and passion!” Sponsor a Student donor
Terry Marlais Sponsor a Student donor
WCS Event Tickets Donated as Prizes
Chicago Classic, March 8-11
DC Swing eXperience, Nov 15-18
Desert City Swing, Labor Day Weekend
Floor Play Swing Vacation, New Year’s Weekend 2017-2018
Liberty Swing, June 28-July 1
MAD Jam, March 1-4
Michigan Classic, May 31-June 3
Palm Springs Summer Dance Classic, TBA
Phoenix July 4th, July 4-8
Sea to Sky, November
Swing California, Oct 12-14
Swing City Chicago, Halloween Weekend
Swing Dance America, April 26-30
Swing Fling, Aug 9-12
Swingtime, July 26-29
Tampa Bay Classic, TBA
TAP – The After Party, Nov 30-Dec 2, 2018
TOSHC Toronto, July 12-15
US Open Swing Dance Championships, Thanksgiving Weekend